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Sunday, June 13

DIY: Dying to be a Redheaded Vixen

From shades of light strawberry to fiery copper to rich auburn, red hair runs the gamut. It can be natural, cute, fresh, edgy, punky, or vampy depending on the shade or the girl wearing it. Below, you'll see Florence Welch rocking a bright cherry red, Hayley Williams with a striking rich copper shade, Christina Hendricks as a dark strawberry blonde, and Ashlee Simpson with a sophisticated auburn. Find out how to become a faux ginger yourself and how to maintain your newly red tresses!

If your skin is fair and you are a natural blond (or have light brown hair), opt for a strawberry blond. Christina Hendricks should be your style muse. Those with fair to medium skin can try rich coppers and medium auburns. If your skin is darker and you are a natural brunette, you can pull off darker auburns and cherry reds. Remember: Do not dye your hair lighter than two shades your natural color. If you want to go significantly lighter, say from dark brown to strawberry blonde, please see a professional.

To my commitment-phobes, there is such a thing as demi-permanent hair dye. If you aren't sure whether red is for you, you can always use this. Most brands wash out in 28 shampoos. For those who are more daring, you can use a permanent color. This will stay in your hair for about six months, but will probably require touch ups every 6ish weeks for the most vibrant color. It would be best to avoid ammonia or to use low-ammonia formulas if your hair is fine, damaged, or previously colored. Whenever you choose to go lighter, you must select a formula with peroxide. Dying your hair a darker shade will result in less damage to your tresses.

Products to Try:
1. {Demi-permanent}Clairol Natural Instincts in Malaysian Cherry, $8 at AmericaRx.com
2. {Permanent} L'Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color in Copper Shimmer, $10 at Walmart
3. {Permanent}L'Oreal Paris Feria Power Reds in Ruby Rush, $7 at Walgreens
4. {Permanent}Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color in Hot Tamale, $8 at Walgreens
5. {Permanent}Revlon ColorSilk Hair Color in Light Auburn, $4 at Walgreens
6. {Demi-permanent}Garnier HerbaShine Hair Color in Copper Mahogany Brown, $6 at Walgreens

Red hair color has a tendency to fade the quickest out of all other colors on the market.

Keep the color vibrant by:
1. Staying out the sun as much as possible. Sunlight will fade your color quicker and turn it brassy! Wear a fashionable hat or scarf to shield your locks.
2. Use shampoos and conditioners that are for color-treated hair.
3. Do not wash it every day.

Try coral and peach blush if your skin is fair, but if your skintone is darker experiment with raisin-hued ones. Neutral eyeshadows (especially browns and grays) will look great, as well as plums, moss greens, golds, and pinks. Who says you can't wear red lipstick? Go for it. See how Florence Welch matches her lips to her hair? Corals, peaches, and pinks are safe bets when it comes to lips as well.

Happy dying!

xx Chloe

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