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Wednesday, June 23

Fashion Blogger Award!

A big, fat kiss to Tayebug, the lovely lady who gave me this honor! She always comments religiously on my posts, and I have a special place in her blog roll. She's super awesome, and I adore her blog. Where else can I find yummy recipes in addition to posts about style?

(Sorry I haven't been on Blogger lately...I've been cramming for college placement exams I need to take before my orientation next Wednesday. I've taken my French one and tested out of three semesters' worth of classes, but I have yet to take my math one. Eep!)

The Rules

1. Give your best style advice
Don't dress specifically to be trendy; dress to flatter your figure first!

2. Show us your "go to" outfit
I'm usually always in dresses and skirts if I'm not sick or working out. I suppose my favorite outfit that is casual yet stylish would be a graphic white tee, a plum a-line skirt that hits at the knee, pink pointy-toe flats with a bow accent, a pair of great silver chandelier earrings, a stack of silver bangles, and my ankh necklace. (I'm always wearing one or two rings as well, and I never take off my Eye of Horus ring!) If it's chilly I'll wear a sequined black scarf with it, but if I'm having a bad hair day I'll wear my purple sequined beret.

My camera's dead, so no pictures. :(

3. Show us what you can't live without right now (fashion wise)
My perfect summer shoes are these Stella Gladiator Sandals I got at Payless (BOGO sale!). They are uber comfy, add extra pizazz to even the most ho-hum outfit, and are a steal.

4. Pass this on to 5 other fashion bloggers

xx Chloe

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