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Sunday, June 27

Style Icon: Courtney Love

I suppose Love needs no introduction, but I'll write one regardless. The talented trainwreck who is the lead singer of Hole, an accomplished lyricist and guitar player, Kurt Cobain's widow, drug addict, serious actress, and an all-around badass riot grrrl has definitely left her imprint on the fashion world and music scene. Her smudgy red lips, crazy peroxide hair, tattered babydoll dresses, gritty lyrics and feral screams have shaped the whole grunge scene. Love her or hate her, you can't deny that she is a unique individual (and it shows with her style over the years). She's equal parts hot mess, diva, visionary, and grunge princess, though more shaken then stirred. Hole recently released an album earlier this year (their last album being Celebrity Skin in 1998) entitled Nobody's Daughter, and "Skinny Little Bitch" has made the rounds on my playlist. I just watched a fabulous documentary on her, so that inspired this post.

Alert! Style Copycat: Gossip Girl actress/The Pretty Reckless lead singer, Taylor Momsen

xx Chloe

Tell me in the comments if you have a favorite Hole song! Mine is "Violet."

Disclaimer: I don't condone any drug use or negligent parenting.

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  1. She ended up being one of my songs in the music tag...



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