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Saturday, June 12

Backstage Beauty: The Lady's a Tramp

I've always appreciated the eccentricity of Betsey Johnson's style. She didn't disappoint with her Spring 2010 collection, which was starred vampy makeup, larger-than-life hair, lots of tulle, neon animal print, and her signature party dresses. Below you'll find the actual products used to create the "good girl gone bad" look of the runway.

Stila was in charge of the makeup, which is supposed to be both messy and vampy. It's was smudgy like it was slept in. When you're doing this at home, remember that imperfection is perfection! Skin was merely evened out with a tinted moisturizer to balance out the edgy lips and eyes. Blend gray and black shadows, then top with silver glitter on the lids and dab your makeup brush in red glitter to add to the outer corners. Line the upper and lower lashlines with a black eyeliner, then take an eyeliner brush to add some gray shadow along the line (smudge, smudge, smudge!). Make a V-shape of red glitter on the outer eye. Add several coats of black mascara. For the lips, make sure you line them with a complimentary liner for a smooth finish. Use a dark almost-black red, then dab a little red glitter into the center of your lips for extra oomph.
Products Used: Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Black, Stila All Over Liquid Shimmer, Stila Major Major Mascara in Black

The base coat used was butter LONDON Branwen Feather (blackish purple). The next coat was either butter LONDON Rosie Lee (pinkish glitter) or butter LONDON Henly Regatta (bluish-green glitter). It was very grunge chic.

The hair was big and teased and offset with giant tulle hairpieces. Create the "mad texture" by using Redken Full Frame 07 Protective Volumizing Mousse and Redken Aerate 08 Bodifying Cream Mousse. You're aiming for a deconstructed coif.

Here are my favorite three looks from the collection. Hot pink adds visual interest to classic black and white, strapless mini dresses are de rigeur, tulle makes the perfect hem, and killer strappy sandals finish the ensemble. Edgy, fun, and unique!

xx Chloe

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